Dear Friends in Christ,
The scriptures recall Jesus saying, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” Jn 15:5. He then goes on to speak about remaining part of the vine, drawing strength, life and bearing fruit.

St Mark’s is a place of connection where people come to commune with God and each other. For over 130 years this site has been a place of prayer and family celebration. Many have come to know God here and been nurtured in faith by the power of God’s word and the celebration of the Sacraments.
Local Catholics struggled to build a church, a school, a presbytery, a Parish Pastoral Centre and to maintain parish and community structure. People have been generous over the years with time and talent. This all helps us to reach out to those in need and minister to others.

We don’t live in a purely spiritual world, we need financial resources to both advance and maintain our spiritual momentum. Some presume that this is a wealthy parish with large resources. We are not. We live off what is given by the people who worship at St Mark’s and contribute through the Planned Giving Program. Your continued and renewed giving allows St Marks to meet the needs of our parish and to plan and develop as a vibrant community.

We live in challenging times and your community needs your support and commitment. People are generous with their time and talents and as Parish life is ever-evolving we are always in need of new volunteers for our many and varied ministries. Many of our predecessors laboured hard and were generous in their commitment to this Parish. I invite you to consider seriously your contribution to the parish and renew your support.

To join our Planned Giving Program:
1: Complete a Green card found in the Church foyer
2: Donate online by choosing – Planned Giving.
3: Click and complete the Credit Card Application and return to the office.
4: Click, complete and email Credit Card Expiration for Planned Giving