Dear Parishioners,
We are bless with a Parish community that has adapted in many ways and reached out to those in need – one of the principal callings of our Mission. The Parish Pastoral Council, together with the Parish staff and community this unique opportunity to harness our collective passion, brain power, life experiences and faith in shaping how our cherished St. Marks’ Parish community will look like in 2025. 
Specifically, we asked ourselves;
“What will our St Mark’s Parish look like in 2025, and how do we contribute and serve  to become the parish community we all
want to be part of?

We conducted a number of workshops and developed 7 opportunities for renewal. 
We landed on 3 priorities:
1: Reinvigorate in our church liturgy mass:
We meet, We share, We care
2: Galvanise the Youth: We are the future
3: Revitalise the Ministries: Revive, Survive, Thrive
We are super excited to progress the priorities with you in
the New Year, becoming the parish community that we all want to be part of. And truly living out our Mission as a vibrant and caring community, journeying together and growing in faith. We will be in touch!  From the Parish Pastoral Council, we wish all of you and your families a wonderful and brilliant Christmas!
Warm wishes,
Celine Chair of PPC

Celine Cheng – Chair

The Parish Pastoral Council is collection of individuals across the spectrum of parishioners at St Mark’s Parish. There is a wide range of ages, working backgrounds and collectively most views are represented. Involvement is voluntary, though for a term and ever evolving. The philosophy is one of facilitation and encouragement for the groups of the Parish, with a view to develop towards the parish vision.
The Parish Pastoral Council meets on Zoom or in the Parish Centre.