The sacrament of penance (also known as Reconciliation or Confession) celebrates God's forgiveness and is a prerequisite to the celebration of First Holy Communion. The Parish Priests offer both individual and communal rites.

First Rite (individual penitent and priest) is available each Saturday morning at 11.30 am (prior to 12 noon Mass), or by individual arrangement.

Communal rites (Second Rite) are celebrated at times such as Lent and Advent. The community prepares a liturgical celebration of God's Word and Song.

Children are prepared for their First Reconciliation when they are in Year 2 or above through a parish-based program. To participate in this program, a child must be Catholic (either Baptised Catholic or received into the Catholic Church from another denomination). The program also caters for older children, so if children have missed out in previous years, they are still very welcome to enrol.

This program takes place in Term Four of the school year. It begins with a parent leaders' training evening, then an information evening for all parents followed by Enrolment Sunday Mass. The program is over four sessions in afternoons or evenings for one hour per week. Parents volunteer to lead and facilitate a small group and/or to offer their home as a meeting venue.

Enrolments:  A copy of the child's baptism certificate is required. Enrolment letters with full information are distributed through St Mark's School, Drummoyne Public School and are also available from the Church foyer or parish centre up to three weeks before the end of Term Three. Early enrolments are appreciated. Enrolments definitely close one week prior to the end of Term Three.

Celebrations are held at St Mark's Church on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings in the third week in November.